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Full styling estimates are for pets maintained every 4-6, 8-10, or 10-12 weeks,
according to styling maintencence required for each breed and do not include tax.
These services are provided to pets with current vaccinations, and by appointment only.
Keeping a regular grooming schedule is also helpful because regular grooming provides an opportunity to spot potential skin problems,
unusual lumps, or other health issues that may require vertrinary attention.
Estimated time for grooming is 2-4 hours, depending on season, styling needs, and behavior.
Customers are required to sign a standard release form. Prompt pick - up is required due to limited space.

We request a 24 hour notice of cancellation.

Full styling service includes:
initial consultation; pre-styling: brushing/clipping/combing, scissoring (thinning where needed),
ear care (plucking or trimming), dental brushing, toenail trim (and pad trimming),
sanitary trimming; bathing: massage with specialty shampoos, anal gland expression;
hand blow drying; and a finishing style- from nose to tail!

Please call for an estimated quote.


- Additional charges may apply for pets based on time to complete an appointment based on:
behavior, coat condition, matting, age, and specific pattern set or scissor styles.

A La Carte grooming options:
-Shaved feet: $10
-Teeth brushing: $6
-Toenail trim: $12, with diamond tip filing: $15
-Diamond tip filing only: $12
-Anal gland expression: $15
-Head Trim Only: $10+
-Feet Trim/Pad Shave: $6+
-Ear Cleaning: $6
-Sanitary scissoring: $6

Additional notes:
-Senior dogs or those with behavior difficulties generally take longer to groom, and therefore may entail additional charges.

-Our apologies, we no longer provide services to cats.

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